Banking  API

Standardise how you initiate payments and access account and transaction data regardless of banking infrastructure.

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Unique features

Removes complexity

Provides a standardised and well documented access point which isolates the complexity of different banking infrastructures.

Secure and compliant real time data exchange

Ensures a secure and compliant exchange of data in real time.

Legacy transformation

Parses any legacy file format to minimise migration risks.

Standardise and normalise data

Open Finance Platform provides API to connect to ERP, PSP and banks through a robust and well defined endpoint.

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Bridges existing and next-gen banking infrastructure

Banking API is a single API which provides connectivity regardless transaction type and banking infrastructure. The API is used daily by more than 15 000  businesses. A large number of ERP-vendors and Fintechs relies on Aritmas API to isolate the complexity of banking infrastructure from their solutions

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Explore what you can do with our Banking API


Connect to any bank via a single API

A single integration regardless of the number of banks you need to integrate with.


Single API access to all open banking functionality

Remittances, credit advice, receivables with sub-spesifications, and access to all account types. Support for all payment types and infrastructures such as P27, BACS, CHAPS, SEPA and all domestic formats.


Realtime access to bank data

Current account balance, transaction data and account statements.


Approve payments in your application

Enable authorisation of payments within your application solution with a couple of lines of code or utilise Aritmas financial dashboard.

Trusted  by leading fintechs and financial institutions

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Build your solution on top of our APIs

Banking API

Standardise  initiation of payments and access accounts and transaction data across different banks.

Accounting API

Access  accounting data and optimize your bookkeeping workflow through a standardised  API.


Commerce API

A single  API to access, reconcile and book all customer card and BNPL payments to your ERP system.


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