Aritma Control

Automate the reconciliation of your accounts

Focus on addressing discrepancies as they occur, instead of manually verifying information you already know to be accurate.

Simplify your financial record matching with our cutting-edge reconciliation tool

Aritma Control is more than just a reconciliation tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to offer control, efficiency, and peace of mind to finance professionals everywhere.

Aritma Control


Address discrepancies between the bank and accounting system in real-time.


Retrieve valid documentation for the auditor at any time.


Enables you to reconcile numerous accounts quickly, whether you're in an accounting firm or internally within a company.

Aritma Control Features

Seamless data gathering

Aritma Control keeps your financial records and bank details perfectly in line and up to date, so your financial information always matches your actual bank activity.

Industry-leading rule-engine

Our advanced rule system improves your bookkeeping by learning from your activities, making it easier and more tailored to what your business needs.

Deviation-based working

Aritma Control helps you concentrate on areas that need attention by giving you instant updates and the right tools to fix any financial discrepancies quickly.

Streamlined financial close

Make closing your books each month quicker and simpler, freeing up time for other important tasks.

Enhanced documentation

Easily create reports for the periods you need, which helps with managing internal checks and making audits smoother.

Comprehensive reconciliation workflow

Get a full picture and control of the reconciliation process for all your companies, no matter the ERP or bank systems you use, all working together smoothly.

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Real-time reconciliation


Enhanced financial oversight and quality

Aritma Control improves the reliability of your financial reports by updating your records as transactions happen.

High degree of automation

The system quickly finds and fixes daily errors, cutting down on possible ongoing mistakes and keeping your bookkeeping tidy.

Spotting issues right away

As soon as something doesn't match up, Aritma Control notices and lets you fix it immediately, keeping your finances accurate.

Full control across companies


Unified work process across entities

Aritma Control lets you handle all your companies' reconciliations in one unified workflow, making everything more organized and manageable.

Cross-company compatibility

No matter the mix of banks and accounting software your companies use, Aritma Control works with them all without hassle.

Significant time savings on manual tasks

It cuts down the time you spend on hands-on reconciliation, freeing you up for more valuable financial planning and analysis.

What others are saying about Aritma

The collaboration has worked very well. Aritma has been able to understand our unique challenges and has safely and quickly guided us through a critical area for our business.

Espen Hytta

Director IT Services

Aritma Pay is an agile third-party solution. The implementation from Aritma's side was efficient, and the best part is that our online banking and ERP users do not notice any changes in their daily work after transitioning to the ISO format.

Anita Hagen

Senior Treasury Controller

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