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Why businesses use Control.

Very user friendly

We designed Control with a deep insight into how a finance professional actually work.

Saves you time

Control lets you focus on the important execptions and automate the routine transactions.

Total control

Access from anywhere

What is Control?

Control is a solution for automatic reconciliation of all types of accounts and data. Control is the market leader in the Nordics with several tousand customers. Control is easy to use with a very low time to productivity. It is flexible and sufficiently function rich to support all reconciliation requirements regardless of business complexity

Control supports all ERP and banks present in the Nordics both cloud-based and on-premise solutions.

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Why choose Control?


Supports all ERP and banks in the Nordics.

Control supports all ERP and banks present in the Nordics, both cloud-based and on-premise.


Automatic reconciliation of all account types and data.

Control collects all booked transactions in the accounting system and all transactions on the bank accounts as they are made available and automatically reconcile the transactions. You only need to handle exceptions, thus reducing your workload significantly.


Real time abnomality detection in your accounting

Automatic continuous reconciliation of bank and booked transactions ensures that abnomalities and exceptions are flagged early and reduces operational and financial risk.


Built using open APIs

Control is built using an API-first design. This means that it is easy to integrate your other systems such as document management, decision support or audit with Control.


Real time accounting

Control utilises machine learing algorithms which over time learns as your users manages exceptions and automates processing based on pattern recognition thus aiming for a 100% automated reconciliation target.

How we’ve helped clients

Plantasjen using Control and Commerce

‘It was really great to have a partner standing by who already knew us well and had previously provided us with such great help and support.’

How we helped Plantasjen
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