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Aritma Pay is your all-in-one solution for seamlessly integrating your accounting system with your banks.

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Aritma Pay directly connects your ERP, payroll system, or other expert systems to banks worldwide. We handle data conversion, ensure smooth information transfer, and make the entire payment process simple and predictable.

Take advantage of our plug-and-play solution and connect to any bank without having to make any changes to your current system.

Your systems

  • ERP

  • Payroll system

  • Other expert systems

Any file

ISO 20022
Open banking API

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What does Aritma Pay do?

Approve payments outside the bank
Approve all of the company's payments directly, without having to go through online banking. This significantly simplifies the process, especially for businesses with multiple bank connections.
Outgoing payments
Handles all your domestic and international payments, including payroll and SEPA. With functionality that automatically consolidates multiple payments to the same supplier, costly bank fees are also reduced.
Incoming payments
Incoming payments are automated, allowing payments to be matched directly to the correct invoice - even without the use of a reference number. This streamlines reconciliation and quickly closes open entries in the accounting.
Automate routine tasks
Tasks related to the management and conversion of payment files are automated, significantly reducing manual tasks. No more file chaos or manual transaction matching. Save time, reduce human errors, and focus on core tasks.
Complete overview of transactions
Automatically import bank statements from the bank. This ensures accurate tracking of all transactions, such as interest and fees. This provides businesses with a comprehensive understanding of all banking activities.
Independent and flexible integration
Aritma Pay serves as a standardized solution, completely independent of the ERP, payroll system, or bank you use. This independence ensures that critical business processes remain unaffected, even if you choose to switch systems in the future.

Connect any accounting system with any bank

With Aritma Pay you get one of the most flexible solutions for payment transfers there is.

Not only can we communicate with virtually any ERP using any file format on the market today - we cover almost every single bank in the nordics.

Automate your payment processing now

+ 250 banks

+ any ERP

What others are saying about Aritma

The collaboration has worked very well. Aritma has been able to understand our unique challenges and has safely and quickly guided us through a critical area for our business.

Espen Hytta

Director IT Services

Aritma Pay is an agile third-party solution. The implementation from Aritma's side was efficient, and the best part is that our online banking and ERP users do not notice any changes in their daily work after transitioning to the ISO format.

Anita Hagen

Senior Treasury Controller

See just how much time and money your company can save by using Aritma Pay

Most companies understand that automating the conversion- and transfer of their payment files will save the company time, but few are aware how much this costs the company every year.

Use our calculator to get a rough estimate.

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Pay Portal: Your Financial Control Tower

Full Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your accounting, ERP, or other expert systems, ensuring a seamless and efficient payment flow without interruptions

Centralized Real-time Overview

Gather all your bank accounts and accounting systems in one place for instant insights. Stay updated with real-time status on all your transactions

Approve or Reject Directly

Approve or reject payments right within the portal, without the need to log in to online banking. Your accounting updates automatically. Quickly receive a list of rejected transactions and the reasons behind them

Due Date Register

Track payments and keep an eye on overdue or upcoming amounts

Focus on Security

With two-factor authentication (BankID) and the thorough four-eyes principle, every transaction is safeguarded against unauthorized access

Customized Payment Flow

Establish individual rules per account for personalized access and control


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With Aritma Pay, over 100 Norwegian companies are already prepared for the transition, without having to change their ERP

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