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Why businesses use Pay



Better payment flow

Comprehensible reports

What is Pay?

Pay is a cloud native application which integrates your ERP system with your bank or banks. Pay automates your remittances and reciveables and ensures a secure and efficient payment processing. With Pay you can manage your payments directly in your ERP system , rather than logging into your online bank. This radically improves the workflow, reduces time spent on routine tasks and gives you control.

Pay is the best solution for automating payment processing between banks and ERP systems. The solution is flexible and operates independently of which ERP system you use. Pay is in practise the bridge between legacy file formats and the new ISO 20022-standard. This means that your company can exchange files on the new format with your banks today without needing to upgrade your existing ERP system to support the new format.

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Why choose Pay?


Connect your ERP system with your banks


Automate receiveables and payables


Automatic conversion of payment files


Do payment processing within your ERP system


Concatinate or split files as and when needed

How we’ve helped clients

OSM Maritime Group using Control and Pay

'Now we can reconcile transactions on a daily basis and know that we are always up-to-date with our bookkeeping'

How we helped OSM Maritime Group
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Fully automated payment processing between any system and any bank world wide.


Real-time automated reconciliation with  fully integrated financial data accross companies and banks giving you control and focus on exception handling.



Fully automated booking of your customers´preferred card and BNPL payment methods.


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