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Aritma´s Open Finance Platform is a comprehensive API-hub for businesses seeking to develop and commercialize their own technology.

This provides you and your company the necessary tools and resources you need to innovate, simplify the development process and shorten your time-to-market.

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ISO 20022
Open banking API

Your banks

Annually, our APIs make a difference for more than 17.000 companies

Streamline your payment processes with our Open Finance Platform. With our Banking API, you can easily access a wide range of financial data, including transaction details, receivables, account specifics, and balances from all your banks.


Connect to all banks with one single API


Approve and review payments outside of the bank interface


Decrease your time-to-market


Ensure a secure and compliant exchange of banking data in real time

Unlock seamless ERP integrations with Aritma’s Accounting API, connecting you to all major ERPs in the Nordics with full read and write access. We’ve done the work so that you don’t have to.

Save time and enhance your workflows with our Accounting API:

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Aritma’s Commerce API is designed to establish seamless connections with all the leading payment service providers (PSPs) in the Nordics, including Nets, Klarna, and Vipps.  

We deliver structured settlement data in a standardized format, no matter which PSP you choose, ensuring a unified and streamlined experience.

Embarking on a project that demands flawless PSP connectivity? We are interested in understanding your unique requirements and exploring how Aritma can drive your success forward.

Success Stories: Real-World Examples


Aritma made things a lot simpler and faster for Fiken, quickly connecting them to over 130 Norwegian banks - a task that had previously been slow and costly when done in-house for just five banks. This change made payments smoother for users across all banks and brought all of Fiken’s accounting needs into one automated, up-to-date system. It also improved the onboarding flows of new customers and achieving bank connections in under 24 hours.
Reduced time to market by 95% (buy vs build)
Norwegian bank coverage after 14 days of development


Aritma helped Sumango simplify banking integration on Microsoft’s platform, offering a standardized plug-in for larger clients that enables automated reconciliation without changing the Microsoft experience. This shift to providing banking as a standard feature has saved time, cut costs, and contributed to a significant yearly revenue boost for Sumango, highlighting the success and mutual advantages of our partnership.
Reduced time to market with with 95% (buy vs build)
Nordic bank coverage after 2 weeks of Aritma implementation


To address the rising demand for embedded finance in ERP systems, Unimicro leveraged Aritma's banking API, bypassing the need to connect to over 130 Norwegian banks individually. This strategic decision streamlined the integration of payment and reconciliation processes within their ERP system, offering a seamless onboarding experience for customers and significantly enhancing Unimicro's competitive position in Norway’s ERP market.
Reduced time to market with with 95% (buy vs build)
Full bank coverage in Norway

The easy-to-use API you've been looking for

Empower your business with our APIs to significantly reduce your time-to-market and enhance your scalability.

Our Webhook functionality ensures you receive instant updates on crucial events, enabling you to respond swiftly and efficiently to notifications from your integrations, and reducing the need for continuous system monitoring.

At Aritma, our love for developers is matched by our dedication to crafting a user-friendly and efficient API.

Billion Euro
Our robust system effectively manages and processes an annual sum of over 140 billion Euros.
Over 17,000 companies trust Aritma for their financial needs, making us a leader in the industry.
Bank accounts
Aritma manages more than 100 000 bank accounts on behalf of business customers.
Aritma's 250+ bank integrations in the Nordics and beyond drive our market-leading customer solutions.

Explore the features of the next generation in bank connectivity

Gain access to the most complete platform to access corporate bank data in the Nordics. Our easy to use, well documented API-library gives you unrivaled functionality, both in automating and standardizing business critical financial processes, but also brings quality of life functionality to you, your team and your users.

Integrated with all banks in the Nordics
Easily connect with any bank in the Nordic region, allowing you to automate and optimize financial operations, whether they're your own or those of your valued customers.
Beyond PSD2 functionality
Our platform goes beyond PSD2 standards, offering automated payment reconciliation and supports all transaction types, including payroll and SEPA, for streamlined financial operations.
Account approved payments
Effortlessly streamline your financial workflow by gaining the ability to directly approve all of the company's payments, eliminating the need to navigate through online banking platforms.
Full overview of all your bank accounts
Our APIs offer comprehensive bank account insights, including balances, detailed transactions, and specialized statements for reconciliation, business intelligence, and cash management.
Webhooks offer quicker event notifications for your app, reducing the need for constant checks and enhancing user responsiveness.
Independent and flexible integration
Aritma's platform operates independently from any specific bank, ERP, or expert system. If any of these systems are swapped or upgraded, Aritma seamlessly adapts to the changes.

What others are saying about Aritma

The collaboration has worked very well. Aritma has been able to understand our unique challenges and has safely and quickly guided us through a critical area for our business.

Espen Hytta

Director IT Services

Aritma Pay is an agile third-party solution. The implementation from Aritma's side was efficient, and the best part is that our online banking and ERP users do not notice any changes in their daily work after transitioning to the ISO format.

Anita Hagen

Senior Treasury Controller

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Leverage our Open Finance Platform to create scalable, whitelabeled solutions. Ideal for accounting systems, ERP, and fintech companies.

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