Uni Micro using Banking API

‘We wanted a partner that could serve as the connection between our accounting system and the banks. We quickly got talking with Aritma who were pioneers in the field and had other customers with similar needs.‘

  • Provides softeware solutions for accounting, payroll and business management.
  • Their solutions are designed to be user-friendly, flexible, and customizable.
  • Founded in Norway in 1981.
  • Is one of the leading software providers in the Norwegian market.


Uni Micro is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of technology and software to financialand accounting services. In 2017, the company launched its cutting edge cloud-based finance system, Uni Economy, which was intended to be as simple and user friendly for customers as possible. Despite its slick design and smart features, banking operations remained manual and laborious for customers.

The company needed a third party that was capable of integrating Uni Economy with banks across Norway. Aritma has been a vital cog in the machine as part of this work, according to Kjartan Solvi, CEO of Uni Micro.

‘We wanted a partner that could serve as theconnection between our accounting system and the banks. We quickly got talking with Aritma who were pioneers in the field and had other customers with similarneeds.’


All receipts, payments and account details flow seamlessly between the banks and Uni Economy via the Autobank service which is based on Aritma’s Banking API. This allows Uni Economy to support all banks through one single integration point, while creating a good, streamlined user experience for their customers.

The partnership has enabled Uni Micro to focus on what they do best – developing great accounting solutions. 

‘We really strongly believe that as suppliersof accounting systems, we should be focusing on preparing the best possible accounts and automating processes as much as is possible. This means it is really important for us to have partners on board who are good at what they do. We have found that when it comes to managing communications with the banks, Aritma is the best of the best and ensures that we are able to work together todeliver great solutions to our end users.’

Focus on usability

Uni Economy became an overnight success and underwent rapid growth following its launch. Itis the fourth financial system that Uni Micro has developed, and iscloud-based. When Uni Economy launched, there were already other cloud-based financial systems coming to market, according to Solvi.

‘We realised that if we were going to compete, we needed not only an online system, but an online system that was built to cope with the challenges of the future,’ says Solvi.

Solvi emphasises that the customer is always at the heart of what Uni Micro does, and that usability is absolutely essential.

‘It’s always been important to us for our systems to be intuitive, and for them to be systems you want to work with. We set very strict requirements in terms of user friendliness, and we expect the same of our own partners in terms of the solutions they supply us so that our users enjoy a seamless experience.’

Long term partners

Uni Micro and Aritma have been long term partners. Since 2007, Aritma has supplied Uni Micro with bank reconciliation solutions. Solvi explains that he is very satisfied with the partnership of many years’ standing. 

‘Aritma has been a great partner to Uni Micro for more than 15 years. We have always worked closely together with various customers, complementing each other well. We work together as a great team, and Aritma is an innovative company that is ready to take up its position as a payment provider in Norway. It is a company that is moving us forward thanks to their specialist expertise in an area that is vital to us.’

‘Being able to have a partner that you trust and have worked with for a long time, and that you know is an expert in their field, is really important in achieving success.’    

‘Is that why you chose Aritma a head of other providers?’

‘Yes. Picking Aritma back in 2016 was the natural choice given our really positive experiences with them for the preceding decade. We knew they had a corporate culture we appreciated and a team that we liked working with, and that they had the necessary professional skills to deliver the services we needed.'

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