Unimicro using Aritma Open Finance Platform

Unimicro leveraged Aritma’s Open Finance Platform to seamlessly integrate their financial system, Uni Economy, with Norwegian banks, enhancing user experiences and operational efficiency in financial management.

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"When it comes to managing communications with the banks, Aritma is the best of the best, and ensures that we are able to work together to deliver great solutions to our end users."

Kjartan Solvi CEO of Unimicro

Unimicro, a leader in Norwegian accounting systems, innovates by merging new technology with extensive industry experience to enhance customer journeys. Their focus on innovation and customer satisfaction has fueled significant growth in the SMB market.

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The Challenge

In 2017, Unimicro launched Uni Economy, an innovative cloud-based finance system designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Despite its sleek design and smart features, users still faced manual and labor-intensive banking operations.

To address this issue, Unimicro needed a third-party provider capable of integrating Uni Economy with banks across Norway. According to Kjartan Solvi, CEO of Unimicro, Aritma played a crucial role in this integration.

We sought a partner to bridge our accounting system with the banks. We quickly engaged with Aritma, recognized pioneers in the field, who had experience with clients having similar needs, Solvi explained.

Unimicro places a strong emphasis on customer-centric operations, prioritizing the usability and intuitiveness of their systems. They hold high standards for user-friendliness and extend these expectations to their partners, ensuring a seamless experience for users with every solution provided.

The Solution

When Unimicro partnered with Aritma, they were finally able to focus on their core expertise—developing exceptional accounting solutions. Solvi explains:

We firmly believe in producing top-quality accounts and automating processes as much as possible. To achieve this, it's crucial to have partners who excel in their field. When it comes to managing communications with banks, Aritma is the best of the best. Their expertise allows us to collaborate effectively and deliver great solutions to our end users.

Uni Economy became an overnight success and experienced rapid growth following its launch. As the fourth financial system developed by Unimicro, Uni Economy was now cloud-based. At the time of its launch, other cloud-based financial systems were already entering the market. Solvi notes:

We realized that to compete, we needed not just an online system, but one built to handle future challenges, says Solvi.

With Aritma’s solution, receipts, payments, and account details could seamlessly flow between banks and Uni Economy via the Open Finance Platform , which utilizes Aritma’s Banking APIs. This platform enables Unimicro to support all banks through a single integration point, providing a streamlined and efficient user experience for their customers.

"We realized that to compete, we needed not just an online system, but one built to handle future challenges."

The Impact

Unimicro and Aritma have been long-term partners since 2007, forging a strong relationship where Aritma has provided essential bank reconciliation solutions like Aritma Control. Solvi emphasizes the importance of this partnership:

Having a trusted partner with long-term collaboration and expertise in their field is crucial for success.

He highlights the mutual satisfaction and seamless teamwork developed over more than 15 years, underscoring Aritma's innovation and its vital role in Unimicro's progress:

Aritma has been an outstanding partner. We’ve always worked closely with various clients, complementing each other well. Their innovation and specialized expertise have also been crucial in moving us forward.

Unimicro's choice of Aritma over other providers stems from deep-seated trust and positive experiences spanning a decade. Solvi explains:

Choosing Aritma in 2016 was a natural decision given our positive experiences with them over the previous decade. We appreciated their corporate culture, enjoyed working with their team, and trusted their professional skills to deliver the services we needed.

Ready to transform your financial operations like Unimicro? Discover the power of the Aritma Open Finance Platform for your business. Contact our sales team today and to begin your journey toward seamless banking integration and exceptional customer experiences.

"We realized that to compete, we needed not just an online system, but one built to handle future challenges."

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