Plantasjen using Control and Commerce

‘It was really great to have a partner standing by who already knew us well and had previously provided us with such great help and support.’

  • A Nordic retail chain specialising in plants, growable products and garden furniture
  • Has more than 120 stores across Norway, Sweden and Finland
  • Founded in Norway in 1986
  • Has more than 2,400 employees


In order to handle this major increase in accounting work, Plantasjen had two options: Either significantly increase headcount in their finance department, or find a way tor educe their routine manual work. Plantasjen went for the latter, which is where Aritma comes into the picture. Aritma’s solutions mean that more new stores and increases in sales do not lead to increased accounting costs and even more work for employees.

As such, Aritma has been a vital mainstay for Plantasjen in terms of automating its finances and accounts. Among other things, we have supplied software to Plantasjen that: automates payments and receipts and automatically records all card transactions generated by stores and online. Additionally, Aritma is also responsible for the automatic reconciliation solution used by Plantasjen.


Full automation in Visma Business

Monika Mellum, Plantasjen’s Group Accounting Manager, explains that they have used Visma Business as their accounting system for many years. She adds that it was as a result of Visma’s previous use of Aritma software that Plantasjen first came into contact with Aritma.

‘At one point, we wanted to automate the bookkeeping process for card transactions arising from all our physical payment terminals across the group. We rolled out Aritma’s solution which records receipts and payment processing fees, assigningthese to the correct department fully automatically. That was when we began to receive help that was saving us a lot of hard work,’ Mellum adds.

Previously, payments received in this manner and the fees charged by payment processors were recorded manually. With more than 130 stores, each with multiple payment terminals, this was an extremely time consuming endeavour for Plantasjen. Additionally, the deduction of processing fees was making bank reconciliation a nightmare. Aritma’s Commerce solution allowed the company to wave goodbye to these tedious accountancy processes and challenging reconciliation hurdles.

Wanted to keep working with Aritma

In 2019, Plantasjen switched accounting systems in order to respond to its own changing needs in terms of logistics and goods handling. However, the new system was notas good and user friendly as the one they had previously used. In order to achieve the same degree of automation and equally efficient accounting processes they had previously enjoyed, Plantasjen wanted Aritma on board.

‘It was really great to have a partner standing by who already knew us well and had previously provided us with such great help and support.’ Monika Mellum, Group Accounting Manager at Plantasjen.

Plantasjenhas used Aritma Control for a number of years – this is Aritma’s automatic reconciliation solution. This solution is always updated without any need formanual input of transactions from the accounting system or the bank. Furthermore, users can also post items directly from the solution in order to deal with deductions from the bank account or other deviations between the bank and accounts.

‘The reconciliation program for the new ERP system just wasn’t up to our complex needs. As a result of this and based on our previous satisfaction with Aritma, we opted to retain their reconciliation solution. Since Aritma’s products support the vast majority of ERP systems, this was easily done – and the rapid onboarding process meant the transition was smooth.'

Satisfied with the partnership

According to Mellum, day-to-day work would be far more labour intensive without Aritma’s solutions. This is especially the case in terms of reconciling the accounts.

‘How have you found the partnership with Aritmato be over these years?’

‘We havebeen very satisfied. We think Aritma are true professionals who have a realtalent at automating and streamlining our accounting processes. Theirautomation has saved us so much time and resources, while also considerablyreducing unnecessary manual work,’ Mellum concludes.

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