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Embedded partner
Resell Partner
Embedded partner
Resell Partner

How would you like to partner with us?

Reseller Partner

Join our network of resellers who deliver top-notch financial solutions to their customers. Perfect for accounting agencies, financial consultants, and similar businesses

Embedded Partner

Leverage our Open Finance Platform to create scalable, whitelabeled solutions. Ideal for accounting systems, ERP, and fintech companies.

Why partner with Aritma?

Leverage our 30+ years of expertise

With over three decades of experience in the fintech industry, Aritma understands the market intricacies and evolving needs. Partner with us to benefit from our deep industry knowledge and proven track record of success.

Offer trusted, high-quality products

Our solutions and APIs are rigorously tested and trusted by businesses across the Nordics. Provide your clients with reliable, innovative financial tools that address critical needs within their accounting functions.

Benefit from a clear partner strategy

Aritma’s well-defined partner strategy ensures that you receive the support and resources necessary for success. Fromdedicated account management to comprehensive training programs, we provide the tools you need to thrive.

Boost your revenue as a Reseller Partner

Expand your service portfolio and increase your revenue streams by becoming a Reseller Partner. Enjoy tiered partnership levels, comprehensive training, and dedicated support tailored to your business needs.

Why become a Aritma Resell Partner?

  • Business growth
  • Transform your client offering
  • Increased exposure
Become a Resell Partner
Reseller Partner

"We’re only going to expand our partnership
with Aritma. And as far as support from Aritma goes, we’ve really worked brilliantly together."

Jostein Aase
Group Controller, OSM Thome
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What kind of products?

Partnership Levels:


All you need to know about our Reseller Partner Program

What is the process to become a Reseller Partner?

The process involves completing an application, undergoing an evaluation, participating in training, and signing a partner agreement.

What are the requirements to become a Reseller Partner?

Requirements include being a registered business in accounting, consulting, or a related field, and completing our partner training.

In which countries are your products sold?

We have complete coverage in Norway and a strong presence across the Nordic region. You can explore our bank integrations here: Bank Integrations

How does the kickback program work?

Kickbacks are calculated based on the volume of Aritma solutions sold. The more you sell, the higher the kickback. Different levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) offer varying kickback percentages.

What kind of support and resources will I receive as a Reseller Partner?

Approved partners have access to our Partner Portal where you’ll find training resources and download marketing materials. You will also get technical support, and a dedicated partner support team. Note that support level depends on your partnership level (silver, gold or platinum).

Integrate seamlessly as an Embedded Partner

Seamlessly integrate Aritma’s powerful APIs into your existing systems and provide your clients with state-of-the-art financial services. As an Embedded Partner, you will access extensive technical support and a wide network of banking integrations.

Embedded partner

"Aritma has a product that demonstrably works, is stable and lets you get up and running quickly."

Bendik Gill Bakken
Co-Founder and CEO, Fiken
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Why become an Embedded Partner?

  • Enhance your product and expand your reach
  • Opportunity
  • Growth

What kind of solution?

Common questions about becoming an Embedded Partner

How can I become an Embedded Partner?

The process involves contacting our sales team, evaluating technical requirements, completing necessary tests, and signing a partner agreement.

Can I test the APIs before committing to a partnership?

Yes, we offer documentation and a sandbox environment where you can test the APIs before entering into a formal agreement.

How does the integration with Aritma's APIs work?

Aritma's APIs are well-documented and easy to integrate. We also provide technical support throughout the integration process. Explore documentation here.

What types of data and functions can I access through the APIs?

Our APIs offer access to a wide range of banking services, including payments, account information, and transaction data.

What kind of technical support and resources will I receive as an Embedded Partner?

You will have access to detailed API documentation, sample code, technical guidance, and support from our technical team.

In which countries are your products sold?

We have complete coverage in Norway and a strong presence across the Nordic region. You can explore our bank integrations here: Bank Integrations

What is the difference between a Reseller Partner and an Embedded Partner?

A Reseller Partner sells Aritma's solutions to their clients and receives a kickback, while an Embedded Partner integrates Aritma's APIs into their own systems to offer enhanced services to their clients.

Can I be both a Reseller and an Embedded Partner?

Yes, it is possible to be both if your business both sells solutions and integrates APIs.

Ready to Partner with Aritma?

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