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Are you still manually booking your card transactions?

Aritma Commerce automatically transfers all records from your payment provider to the accounting system of your choice.

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How does Aritma Commerce work?

Our platform integrates seamlessly with the largest payment providers (PSP) and accounting systems (ERP), and posts settlements directly to your main ledger, no matter the size and volume.

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What does Aritma Commerce do?

1. Introduksjonsmøte

Automatically match and close open orders from all payment providers with your ERP, saving time and reducing errors.

2. Installasjon og test

Post settlements directly to the main ledger, streamlining the accounting process and reducing the need for manual data entry.

3. Nå er du i gang

Reduce the time used manually matching transactions to zero.

Streamline your accounting process and eliminate the need for manual data entry

Most businesses are unsure how much time they spend each month on tedious-, and unnecessary tasks. Do you want an estimate of how much time- and money businesses like yours spend monthly on tedious manual processing?

Use our calculator to get a rough estimate.

Interested in reducing the time
used on manual processing to zero?

What others are saying about Aritma

It was invaluable having a partner standing by who already knew us well and had previously provided us with such great help and support.


Aritma Commerce integrates seamlessly with 12 different payment providers (PSPs) and 9 of the markets leading ERPs.

We frequently add new integrations. Can`t find your PSP or ERP in the list? Let us know!

Streamline your accounting


We make sure your accounting is in perfect order and still remove the need for manual bookkeeping.


Vouchers are automatically cross-checked, and verified with your bank when payment is received.


With Aritma Commerce your team can now bring even more added value to your business, and your customers.

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Quick and easy onboarding


Getting started with Aritma Commerce is easy - and you don't have to change your entire tech-stack.


Even if you use one, two, three- or nine PSPs to satisfy your customers' needs for multiple payment solutions - we have got you covered.


And the best part is; our awesome Customer Success Team will help you every step of the way.

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We are very happy with the bookkeeping of card transactions, it works brilliantly.

Siv Hantho, Accounting Manager
I find the collaboration to be very good, and I think that Aritma is incredibly solution-oriented and very quick to respond.

Oscar Kittel-Nielsen, Consultant SSG
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