Aritma Fintech Trainee Program: Opening doors for the next generation

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Our Trainee Program is designed to welcome new graduates into the fintech industry, offering a unique blend of learning, growth, and practical experience.

20/02/2024 - Norsk versjon

In a world where the fintech industry is fast evolving, it’s crucial to bring in fresh minds eager to innovate and make a difference. Aritma contributes to this through the Aritma Fintech Trainee Program.

From Banking to Fintech

Ruben Skrede shares his journey from banking to fintech after finishing his master’s degree. With a background in economics studies and a part-time job in a bank, finding the Aritma Fintech Trainee Program was a game-changer. He started the summer of 2022, and the program gave him a year filled with new industry experiences.

Ruben describes the start-up environment as one of high pace, varied tasks, and significant responsibility:

The trainee program was the perfect bridge from studying to working, letting me see different parts of the company and shape my role.

Throughout the program, Ruben tried his hand at several roles – from working in support to delivery and finally to a permanent role in the commercial department.

Today, Ruben works as a Business Developer at Aritma, helping to create the company’s commercial strategy. He had no doubts about his desire to continue with Aritma after the trainee program:

– I only realized how incredibly exciting Aritma was after first starting here. That made staying on an easy choice, he adds.

Halfway to the finish line

Mathias, on the other hand, is currently halfway on his trainee journey, but already shares Ruben’s enthusiasm for the program:

– Being a trainee at Aritma lets me grow professionally and personally, with a variety of tasks. It’s also great to be part of a company experiencing such growth.

Mathias also highlights learning points during the program, which requires absorbing a lot of new information quickly:

– There was definitely a lot to learn at the beginning. Fortunately, I received great support from skilled colleagues, which meant I never felt overwhelmed. The learning gained from such challenges is substantial, helping me to balance tasks more effectively, he explains.

Aritma’s former trainee Ruben Skrede and current trainee Mathias Berge discussing their experience from the program.

Some advice for applicants

With the trainee program starting again in August 2024, Ruben and Mathias offers some friendly advice to potential applicants. They both stress staying curious and being open to new challenges and different types of roles.

Mathias emphasizes the importance of learning quickly:

–     You don't need to know everything about banking, accounting or IT from the start, but being able to learn fast and stay motivated is key, he suggests.

Ruben encourages asking lots of questions and being ready for a bunch of new information during the first few weeks:

–     Understanding Aritma’s customer value can take time, especially with the technical nature of our products. So, as an economist without high technical competence, there was a lot to learn. But everyone’s keen to help you learn, he shares from his experience.

Fintechs needs to share their knowledge

The head of the trainee program, Vegard Haveland, believes it’s crucial for fintech players to take greater responsibility for facilitating knowledge sharing in the field, especially for new graduates who may struggle to gain a foothold in the industry.

He’s impressed by Ruben and Mathias’s dedication and wants to inspire more young people to explore fintech:

This is exactly the kind of engagement and curiosity we want to encourage through our trainee program. Our goal is to highlight how exciting the fintech industry truly is, and the wide range of development opportunities available – even here in Bergen!

Read more about the Aritma Fintech Trainee Program (in Norwegian) and how to apply. We encourage all recent graduates and students completing their studies by spring to apply.

The deadline is March 15.

We’re excited to welcome you this fall!

Apply to the Aritma Fintech Trainee Program by March 15!

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