ZData becomes Aritma – Launching a unique Open Finance Platform

ZData has delivered financial applications and APIs to the Nordic corporate market since the 1990s. But it's time for a change. We are now changing our name to Aritma and launching a complete API platform for secure exchange and reconciliation of corporate payments and financial data.

We recently appointed Jarle Holm as our new CEO, and this was only the first of many exciting things to come. We've got a new name, a new fresh and colourful identity and an upscaled digital platform. We are ready to scale and ready to grow.

- With our new name and brand identity, we signal that we are ready to serve a larger market. The friction that emerges in the exchange of payments and financial data is a hugeproblem for companies, fintechs and banks. But our Open Finance Platform contributes to removing that friction. As Aritma, we will solve this problem for a lot of companies, says Holm.

Aritma has already delivered solutions forintegration and applications that automate payment and reconciliation between banks and companies for many decades. But in recent years, we have invested heavily in further developing of these components and are now launching our new Open Finance platform. This is a unique platform with a complete set of APIs that will remove the complexity and friction between banks and companies.

- We have a unique expertise in data exchange between banks and companies, and now we have built that expertise into the platform. Our APIs make this technology available and more relevant to our industry, in addition to companies outside our core segments. I strongly believe that when we team up with other exciting players,we can create a lot of value in the space between banks and companies, says Holm.

We know that there is a growing need for high quality, transparent and open APIs made for companies and the B2B-market. Many also require a need for advanced financial functionality, from small businesses and all the way to multinational companies. According to our CEO, it is fundamental to be able to see the whole picture:

- We are solving this issue with Aritma's new and seamless Open Finance Platform. The key is to be able to see both sides – the companies on one hand, the banks on the other and all of the fintechs in between - and to collect and assemble this information from different players in the field. Aritma solves this complex integration with one link – one source - in a seamless and user-friendly way, he says.

In addition to strengthening Aritmas position in the Nordics, our CEO also has ambitions to grow and acquire marketshares in Europe.

- We have a lot of experience in following the scaling of Nordic companies into the European market. Today we are already present in fifteen different countries. The P27 initiative is never the less establishing a joint Nordic real-time payment infrastructure, and this will be the first step towards a significant change in the European payment infrastructure. This represents a unique opportunity for Aritma and will be our stepping stone into Europe, concludes Holm.

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