Navigating the Shift from Telepay and BBS to ISO 20022

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Facing the shift from Telepay and BBS to ISO 20022, Norwegian banks and businesses can navigate the change with Aritma Pay.

The End of Telepay and BBS

The clock is ticking as Telepay and direct remittance (BBS) gradually become obsolete. With most Norwegian banks, including DNB and Nordea, setting deadlines for transitioning to the ISO 20022 format (DNB by March 31, 2024, and Nordea by June 30, 2024), businesses must adapt to the new financial messaging landscape. Stay ahead of the curve and make the switch now.

The Aritma Advantage

Navigating the move from Telepay and BBS to ISO 20022 can be challenging, especially if your on-premise ERP system or expert system is difficult to upgrade. Aritma Pay offers a seamless solution, allowing you to make the transition without making significant changes to your existing systems. Our Open Finance Platform provides modern REST APIs that empower you to build a forward-thinking integration for the new banking infrastructure.

Why ISO 20022 Matters

As the new global standard for financial messaging, ISO 20022 brings significant improvements over the outdated Telepay and BBS formats. By adopting this standard with Aritma Pay, your business can benefit from increased efficiency, better data quality, and enhanced compatibility with financial institutions worldwide.

Navigating the Transition

We understand that moving away from Telepay and direct remittance may seem daunting. But with Aritma Pay, you can confidently make the switch, knowing you have a trusted partner to guide you through the process. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring a smooth and streamlined transition to the ISO 20022 standard.

With the deadlines fast approaching, there's no time to lose. Don't let your business fall behind as the world moves towards ISO 20022. Contact Aritma today to learn more about how we can help you make the transition to the new standard, with minimal disruption to your operations.

Stay ahead of the game, the clock is ticking.

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